QSPR Models for Chromatographic Retention of Some Azoles with Physicochemical Properties

  • Polyakova, Yulia ;
  • Jin, Long Mei ;
  • Row, Kyung-Ho
  • Published : 2006.02.20


This work deals with 24 substances composed of nitrogen-containing heterocycles. The relationships between the chromatographic retention factor (k) and those physicochemical properties which are relevant in quantitative structure-properties relationship (QSPR) studies, such as the polarizability $(\alpha)$, molar refractivity (MR), lipophilicity (logP), dipole moment $(\mu)$, total energy $(E_{tot})$, heat of formation $(\Delta H_f)$, molecular surface area $(S_M)$, and binding energy $(E_b)$, were investigated. The accuracy of the simple linear regressions between the chromatographic retention and the descriptors for all of the compounds was satisfactory (correlation coefficient, $0.8 \leq r \leq 1.0$). The QSPR models of these nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds could be predicted with a multiple linear regression equation having the statistical index, r = 1.000. This work demonstrated the successful application of the multiple linear approaches through the development of accurate predictive equations for retention factors in liquid chromatography.


Nitrogen-containing heterocycles;Retention factor;QSPR;Correlation


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