Psychic Distance and Country Image Influencing on Consumers' Competitive Brand Choice on Cross-Cultural Perspectives

교차문화적 관점에서 경쟁적 브랜드 선택에 영향을 미치는 심리적 거리 및 국가이미지

  • Published : 2006.10.28


Culture, consumers' value and attitude play an important role for global marketing strategy on cross-cultural perspectives. The aim of this research was to investigate how consumer ethnocentrism and cultural affinity affect psychic distance, country image and competitive brand choice. data were collected through personal interview. A total of 234 responses are put to final analysis. The results are as follows: First, cultural affinity play an important role for psychic distance and country image. Second, consumer ethnocentrism has directly affected country image and psychic distance. Finally, country image has affected competitive brand choice, but psychic distance doesn't have affected.