Isoflavone Contents of Soybean according to Different Planting Dates

파종기 이동에 따른 콩의 Isoflavone 함량 변화

  • Published : 2006.11.30


This study was conducted to compare the changes of isoflavone content grown at different planting dates and to determine a relationship between growing periods and isoflavone content, in soybean. A total fifty six soybean varieties, including summer type soybean, Chinese varieties and domestic soybean varieties, were used this experiment. Mean total isoflavone content of domestic soybean varieties was higher than summer type soybean varieties and Chinese varieties. And, the soybean isoflavone content was significantly increased in growth at late planting dates. Soybean isoflavone contents was increased with longer reproductive growth period. While, the relationship between seed weight and isoflavone content showed significantly negative correlation coefficient, -0.57 at Apr. 15, -0.51 at May 15, and -0.38 at Jun. 15, respectively planting dates.