Development of the ZnS(Ag)/BC-408 phoswich detector for monitoring radioactive contamination inside pipes

배관 내부 방사능 오염도 측정용 ZnS(Ag)/BC-408 phoswich 검출기 개발

  • Published : 2006.09.30


A small radiation detection system is necessary for the direct characterization of alpha/beta-ray contamination inside pipes generated during the decommission of a nuclear facility. In this work, the new type phoswich detector consisting of the ZnS(Ag) and plastic scintillator for ${\alpha}/{\beta}$ simultaneous counting was designed as part of a development of a equipment capable of monitoring radiological contamination inside pipes. The optimum counting conditions in dimensions of scintillator and a detection system were experimentally confirmed and a performance of alpha/beta-ray discrimination was evaluated. As a result, optimum conditions of a detector suitable for monitoring radiological contamination inside pipes and a feasibility of application to pipe-inside were confirmed.


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