Derivation of the Cathodic Current Density around the HLW Canister Due to the Radiolysis of Groundwater

고준위 폐기물 처분용기 주변에서의 지하수의 방사분해에 의한 음 전류 밀도 유도

  • Published : 2006.06.30


The oxidizing species are generated from the radiolysis of groundwater in the pore of buffer material around the canister used for the disposal of spent fuels. A mathematical model was introduced to calculate the cathodic current density induced by the oxidant around the canister, which determined the corrosion of carbon steel. An analytical solution was derived to get the cathodic current density in the cylindrical coordinate. The cathodic current densities from both the rectangular coordinate and cylindrical coordinate were compared with each other. The source terms and absorbed dose rate for the calculation of the radiolysis were calculated using the ORIGEN2 and MCNP computer code, respectively. The radius of the canister was determined with the new model in order to prevent the local corrosion. The results showed that the new solution made the cathodic current density around 25 % lower than the Marsh model.


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