Study on Changes of Sperm Count and Testis Tissue in Black Mouse after Neutron Irradiation

중성자 조사후 Black mouse의 고환 조직 및 정자수 변화에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2006.03.31


For the purpose of the biological effect in black mouse by neutron irradiation, mice were irradiated with 16 or 32 Gy neutron (flux: 1.036739E+09) by tying flat pose at BNCT facility on HANARO Reactor. And 90 days later of irradiation, physical changes of testis and testis tissue were examined. There were no weight changes but a little bit volume changes and sperm counts in the testes. Atrophy of seminiferous tubules irradiated with 32 Gy neutron is increased in number and severity and those in stage VI showed depletion of spermatogonia and pachytene spermatocytes compared to the non-irradiated control group. Testis damage of black mouse was not recovered after long time by 32 Gy neutron irradiation.


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