Fun-centered HCI -Investigating the concept of Fun in Human-Computer Interaction-

재미를 위한 HCI -HCI 관점에서의 재미있는 경험에 대한 개념적 연구-

  • Published : 2006.05.31


For many years, the approach taken towards HCI(Human Computer Interaction) has focused on the usability of system and technology. Advances in computing and information technology has shifted the way people use and experience technology from merely using it to enjoying using it. But, there is a lack of theories to conceptualize fun and user fun experience, in the HCI. This paper describes an conceptual approach to "fun" and user's 'fun experience' in the interaction of technology. This paper defines "fun" as positive psychological energy which is produced by playing computer. And this paper provides characteristics of 'Fun experience', which are action mode, random order, free, and activated pleasant. This study provides insights into factors contributing to and influencing fun experiences and the relationships between them; symbol, newness, and vividness.