The Effects of Various Factors on Milk Yield and Variation in Milk Yield Between Milking, Milk Components, Milking Duration, and Milking Flow Rate in Holstein Dairy Cattle

착유우의 연속유량, 유량변이, 유성분, 체세포수, 비유지속시간, 비유속도에 대한 산차, 착유시간, 유기 및 착유간격의 효과

  • Ahn, B.S. (National Livestock Research Institute, R.D.A.) ;
  • Jeon, B.S. (National Livestock Research Institute, R.D.A.) ;
  • Baek, K.S. (National Livestock Research Institute, R.D.A.) ;
  • Park, S.J. (National Livestock Research Institute, R.D.A.) ;
  • Lee, H.J. (National Livestock Research Institute, R.D.A.) ;
  • Lee, W.S. (National Livestock Research Institute, R.D.A.) ;
  • Kim, S.B. (National Livestock Research Institute, R.D.A.) ;
  • Park, S.B. (National Livestock Research Institute, R.D.A.) ;
  • Kim, H.S. (National Livestock Research Institute, R.D.A.) ;
  • Ju, J.C. (Cheonan Yonam College) ;
  • Khan, M. A. (National Livestock Research Institute, R.D.A.)
  • Published : 2005.12.31


This study was carried out to estimate the effects of parity, milking time, milking interval and days in milk(DIM) on variation in milk yield between consecutive milkings(am to pm to am), morning and evening milk yield and its components, somatic cell counts(SCS), milking duration, milk flow rate and peak milk flow in Holstein dairy cattle. Records from one hundred and twenty two heads of Holstein cattle at National Livestock Research Institute, Korea were used for this study from July 1 to August 8, 2005. The experimental herd had average 1.6$\pm$0.9 parities, 199.8$\pm$109.1 DIM and 12.26$\pm$4.06kg milk yields at each milking. Milking yield, percent milk fat and SNF, milking duration and average milk flow were significantly varied by parity, milking time and DIM. Percent milk protein and lactose were varied by parity and DIM, however SCS and average milk flow were affected by parity and milking time. Milking interval significantly affected the consecutive, morning and evening milk yield and average milk flow. However, MUN was not affected by parity, milking time, DIM and milking interval. Milk yield was decreased with increasing parity. Milk yield in the morning was higher than that of in the evening. Milk yield between consecutive milking was not affected by parity, however, affected by milking time. Percent milk Fat, SNF and SCS were higher at in evening milk than those of in morning milk. Milk protein, lactose, SNF, SCS, milking duration and peak milk flow rate were influenced by parity. This study suggested that milk yield variation between consecutive milking, milking flow rate, and milking duration could be important traits for enhancing Holstein cattle productivity however, and more study is needed to estimate genetic parameters for such traits.


Consecutive milk yield;Milking duration;Milking time


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