Experiment and Analysis of the Residual Stress for Multipass Weld Pipes by the Neutron Diffraction Method

  • Kim S. H. (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) ;
  • Lee J. H. (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
  • Published : 2005.03.01


Multipass welds of 316L stainless steel have been widely employed to the pipes of Liquid Metal Reactors. Owing to localized heating and a subsequent rapid cooling by the welding process, residual stress arises in the weld of the pipe. In this study, the residual stresses in the 316L stainless steel pipe welds were calculated by the finite element method using the ANSYS code. Also, the residual stresses both on the surface and in the interior of the thickness were measured by the HRPD(High Resolution Powder Diffractometer) instrumented in the HANARO Reactor. The experimental data and the calculated results were compared and the characteristics of the distribution of the residual stress were discussed.