Effects of categorization training and expertise on cognitive problem solving

범주화 훈련과 전문성이 인지 문제 해결에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2005.03.01


Present study identified categorization pattern differences between experts and novices and examined whether categorization training has positive effects on problem solving. In experiment I, we examined categorization differences between groups according to expertise using mathematical equation problems. Experts classified problems based on deep structure related to problem solution methods whereas novices classified problems based on surface features. However, in the labeled categorization condition, novices' categorization pattern was not different from experts'. These results suggest that novices have difficulty identifying deep structure of problems. In experiment 2, we examined whether categorization training showing subjects deep structure of problems explicitly increases transfer performance. The results showed that solution training was more effective to expert group whereas categorization training was more effective to novice group. We have discussed that different training methods should be applied according to expertise.