Biotop Design for an Urban Area Based on Citizen Input

참여형 도시 소생물권 설계

  • Published : 2005.12.30


This work was designed for the Green Fund Aid 2004 of Korea Forest Service. It won the prize and has been constructed. We can have an opportunity to play a leading role in improving partnership with participation of local communities, promoting environmental education, and enhancing the environmental quality by constructing biotops in urban areas where energy flow in the ecosystem is not balanced. This design includes 'citizen participation process' and 'local community partnership' that is expected to promote local community participation in the process of design. This work suggests that biotope construction with citizen involvement and community partnership plays an important role not only in design items but also in the revitalization of local community. This sort of design process could not be fully achieved without cooperation with stakeholders - environmental specialists, local authorities, relevant societies, schools, teachers, parents of students.


Supported by : 산림청


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