Meta Analysis about the Causal Factors and the Effect of Job-stress of Clinical Nurses

임상간호사의 직무스트레스 요인과 반응에 관한 메타분석

  • 최서란 (신촌세브란스병원) ;
  • 정혜선 (가톨릭대학교 의과대학 예방의학교실)
  • Published : 2005.05.30


Purpose: This study analyzed domestic articles that studied job-stress of nurses using Meta Analysis to evaluate the responses resulted from job-stress and the factors affecting them. Method: To conduct this study, data were collected primarily from database of "richis" and additionally from 8 nursing journals and 5 theses for a degree on job-stress of clinical nurses. Result: As a result of Meta Analysis casual factor of job-stress, the result represented that two reasons; personal factor was the age, occupational factor were ward, duration of employment and position. By the result of analysis of effect of job-stress, satisfaction of the job, exhaustion, health status and immersion of the job were strongly related to job-stress. According to the general solution against job-stress that referred from job-stress related theses, there are several; Imagination Therapy, Assertive Training and Value Clarification Training could bring significant result. Conclusion: This study showed that because job-stress of clinical nurses had nothing to do with personal factors, job-stress management plans for nurses are needed to focus on occupational factors. Also the study suggested that various coping skills that proved to be effective are needed to be used to relieve job-stress and that's responses on nurses.