Effect of the Projectile and the Air-jet Weaving Machine Characteristics on the Physical Properties of Worsted Fabrics for Garment(I) -Tension Characteristics & Loom Mechanism-

프로젝타일과 에어제트 직기특성이 의류용 모직물 물성에 미치는 영향(I) - 장력특성과 직기 메커니즘 -

  • 김승진 (영남대학교 섬유패션학부) ;
  • 정기진 (영남대학교 섬유패션학부)
  • Received : 2004.07.21
  • Published : 2005.02.28


This study surveys the warp and weft tension differences between projectile and air-jet looms and analyses the mechanical properties of worsted fabrics for garment with relation of these loom characteristics using KES-FB system. The paper is divided by two parts. In the 1st paper, the worsted fabric is woven as 5 harness satin weave using 1/40 Nm sirofil worsted warp yarn and 1/30 Nm worsted weft yarn by projectile(Sulzer) and air-jet looms(Picanol PAT and OMNI), respectively. The weavability is also analysed by measuring warp tension variation according to the warp position and weft tension of 3 kinds of looms. The relationship between shed amount and the warp tension is surveyed, and the relationship between end breaks and warp and weft tensions is also discussed.


projectile;air jet loom;shed amount;warp tension;worsted siro yarn;heald frame


Grant : 의류용 및 생활 산자소재 가연기술 및 섬유제품 개발


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