A Study on Thermostable Property of High Density Graphites Products with Expanded Graphite(1)

고밀도 팽창흑연 성형품의 내열 특성에 관한 연구(1)

  • 신영우 (여수대학교 냉동공학과)
  • Published : 2005.11.30


Thermostable property is one of most important characteristics of graphite. Commercial graphites sheet from expanded graphite is using for high-temperature elements. Nowadays the new plant with high performance is developed in field of chemical industries, so the need of graphites is increasing rapidly. In this paper, the thermostable properties of newly developed graphite products with high density is investigated. I introduced the graphite material which developed for these heat tests by NGF method in order to test thermostable properties by comparing to the results of the commercial graphite sheet from expanded graphite in same condition. Through measuring the weight reducing ratio with various specimens in some conditions, I investigated the thermostable characteristics of these materials. It is verified that the graphite products by NGF method has almost same or superior thermostable properties comparing with that of commercial graphite sheet. Also the graphite products by NGF method have possibility of being better in thermostable properties.