A Study on the Waterway Restoration and its Utilization of the Yeongsan River

영산강의 주운복원과 활용방안 연구

  • Published : 2005.02.28


The Yeongsan River had played an important role as s waterway, but in 1981, the Yeongsan River Estuarin Barrage had been constructed, the waterway had been cut off. Since then, in the lower Yeongsan River basin, discussions about the waterway restoration and its utilization of the Yeongsan River has been proposed. But these discussions have not been examined thoroughly with geomorphological and hydrological characteristics of river charmel The waterway restoration and its utilization in the Yeongsan River should be based on scientific validity. In case of considering the conditions of the Yeongsan River, it is desired that the small ship for environmental survey and ecotourism is navigable from Gujinpo to Yeongsan River Estuarin Barrage by dredging a parts of river channel. To devise a plan about restoration and its utilization of waterway, it is necessary that regional and local governments, related administrative agencies, specialists, and NGO should develop the participation and cooperation systems based on governance.