• Moon, Deok-Hyun (W. M. Keck Geoenvironmental Laboratory Center for Environmental Systems Stevens Institute of Technology)
  • Published : 2005.12.31


The effectiveness of fly ash-, quicklime-, and quicklime-fly ash-based stabilization/solidification(S/S) in chromium(Cr) contaminated soils was investigated using modified semi-dynamic leaching tests. Artificial soil samples composed of kaolinite or montmorillonite contaminated with chromium nitrate(4000 mg $Cr^{3+}\;kg^{-1}$ of solid) were prepared and then subjected to S/S treatment using quicklime, fly ash, or quick lime-fly ash. The effectiveness of the treatment was evaluated by assessing the cumulative fraction of leached $Cr^{3+}$ as well as, by computing the effective diffusivity ($D_e$) and the leachability index (LX) of the treated samples. The reduction in $Cr^{3+}$ release for the untreated samples was more pronounced in the presence of montmorillonite, which was attributed to sorption. Treatment with quicklime, fly ash, or quick lime-fly ash was significantly effective in reducing $Cr^{3+}$ release most probably due to the formation of pozzolanic reaction products and $Cr(OH)_3$ precipitation. The most effective treatment was observed in montmorillonite-sand soil samples treated with quicklime-fly ash (99.8% removal). The mean $D_e$ decreased significantly and the mean LX was greater than 9 for all treated samples, indicating that the treated soils were acceptable for "controlled utilization". The mechanism controlling $Cr^{3+}$ leaching from all treated samples during the first 5 days appeared to be diffusion.


chromium ($Cr^{3+}$;);leachability index (LX);quicklime;semi-dynamic leaching test;stabilization/solidification (S/S)


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