A Study on the Standardization Strategy for e-Learning Quality Assurance

e-Learning QA 표준화 전략에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2005.12.31


Many papers point out that the e-Learning is one of the most important industries, and the effect on other industries can be more powerful than any other business. Therefore, we think about social, cultural, industrial and technological effect of the e-Learning in order to enlarge industry scale as well as educational performances. In many cases of developed countries, various kinds of study have been performed for the e-Learning quality assurance because quality of the e-learning should operate on effective and efficient learning and continuous market development of education industries. The e-Learning quality assurance has import function not only for learning contents reusability like a SCORM and metadata but also for learning system, solution and service operation, so activities for the quality assurance should consider of cultural and tactical approach when it is applied in the e-learning business. In this paper, we present the concept, domain and purpose of the e-Learning quality assurance. Furthermore, this paper proposes the process and methodology in order to make the quality assurance standard model which is consist of 6 phase such as Environment Research, Needs Analysis, Framework, Metrics, Development and Implementation, Evaluation and Feedback through the analysis and comparison of pre-studied worldwide quality control, management and assurance documents.