Intermediation Trend in Korea Recruiting Industry: An Exploratory Approach

리크루팅 산업에서의 중개현상 변화추세에 대한 탐색연구 - 한국구인구직시장을 중심으로 -

  • 박기호 (호서대학교 디지털비즈니스학부) ;
  • 김연정 (호서대학교 디지털비즈니스학부)
  • Published : 2005.12.31


Under the internet age, the competition among recruiting intermediaries including online and offline players has been intensified for several years. Therefore, their business processes or business models have also been transformed to be able to earn the competitive advantages. For these reasons, the traditional players like offline-based recruiting companies have willingly or unwillingly experienced the competitive disadvantages on the recruit battle ground. The online recruiting intermediaries, who newly participated in this industry and based on the internet environment, however, seized on the competitive advantages with the richness and the reach traits of online media. Under this context, the offline traditional intermediaries, who have been threatened by new online entries, must make a replacement of traditional trading mechanisms with alternative trading mechanisms like IT-enabled intermediaries. In this study by exploratory approach, we investigate the phases of transformation of the traditional recruiting intermediaries, changes in business strategies of offline-based firms, and impacts of online media in e-recruiting industry.