Finite Difference Nonlinear Analysis of Composite Plate Structures with Various Layer Sequences

다양한 적층 배열을 갖는 복합 신소재 판 구조물의 유한차분 비선형 해석

  • Received : 2004.12.22
  • Published : 2005.10.31


This study carries out a finite difference nonlinear analysis of anisotropic advanced composite plate structures with various layer sequences. In the numerical analysis of various mechanical problems involving complex partial differential equations, the finite difference method (FDM) developed in this study has an advantage over the finite element method in its ability to avoid mesh generation and numerical integration. Many studies in FDM have been made on clamped or simple boundary conditions using merely an energy approach. These approaches cannot be satisfied, however, with pivotal points along the free boundary. Therefore, this study addresses the nonlinear problem of anisotropic plates by adopting a finite difference modeling elimination of pivotal difference points in the case of a free boundary condition. Complex nonlinear behaviors of composite plate structures for various parameters, especially for layer sequences, are analyzed using the proposed approach.