Pseudo-Dynamic Test for the Bridges Retrofitted with Laminated Rubber Bearings

적층고무받침으로 내진보강된 교량의 유사동적실험

  • Published : 2005.02.01


Many highway bridges in Korea need seismic retrofit because only one decade has passed since the seismic design criteria was introduced. For the highway bridges of which bearings are worn and dysfunctional, the validity of seismic retrofit method using laminated rubber bearings was discussed in this study. Real scale RC pier specimens without seismic details were constructed. And then, Pot bearing, Rubber bearing (RB), Lead-rubber bearing (LRB) were applied to these specimens. Through pseudo dynamic test method, dynamic behavior of these RC piers under earthquake was simulated and compared. From the test results, proposed seismic retrofit method was found to be valid.


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