Study on Medium Ingredient Composition for Enhancing Biomass Productionand Anti-potato Common Scab Activity of Streptomyces sp. A020645 as a BCA Candidate

생물제제(BCA) 후보균주인 Streptomyces sp. A020645 의 대량 균체생산 및 항더뎅이병 활성증진을 위한 고체배지 조성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2005.06.01


The effect of medium components such as wheat bran, rice bran, oat meal, and soybean meal as basic ingredients and KH2PO4, glucose, and molasses as additives on mass production and anti-potato common scab activ ity of a streptomycete A020645 strain as a biocontrol agent (BCA) candidate was investigated. Of basicingredients, oat meal was the best one for mass poduction and enhancement of anti-potato common scabactivity. The biomass production of the active strain was more enhanced when 0.1-0.01.% glucose or molassesas additive were added into the basic medium. These information may have important implications in applying for effective formulation of BCA.


Additive;Basic ingredient;Potato common scab;Streptomyces sp. A020645


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