Images of Jeans According to Body Types and Gender 1

신체유형과 성별에 따른 청바지 이미지 1

  • 이영미 (건국대학교 의상디자인학과) ;
  • 이인자 (건국대학교 의상디자인학과)
  • Published : 2005.03.01


This study is to know the blue jean image according to type and its constituting element. and also to analyze image according to the sex of wearers and recognizers, the existence and nonexistence of blue jean affect the wearer's body type. Thirty-six photo stimulus material attached to men and women wearers selected as people of skinny types, average types and fat types, were seen to 1,354 men and women university students and had them measure blue jean image and element of twenty one items. 1, The blue jean image was different according to design type. The broad blue jean was active but it looked fat. The bleached blue jean matched with any clothing. The legs looked long. Painting blue jean seemed o be new, colorful, splendid, The torn blue jean appeared to match with any clothing. And lap seam blue jean was active but the waist seemed as thick image. 2, In the wearer's body type, the jeans image strengthen the wearer's body image. The legs looked long. The fat type appeared high in the item like this; they looked fat. The waist looked thick. It was courageous and casual. It appeared that the fat element appeared as blue jean image of fat type. 3, In the relation of wearer's sex and blue jean image, when the wearers were men, the image was passable. It matched with anyone. It was splendid and refined. The legs appeared long. When the wearers were women, the blue jean image was economic. It had no relation with a fashion. It was active, comfortable, free, casual and fat. The waist looked thick. In image element, activity and fat element appeared as a main element of the blue jean image.