Dynamic Analysis of Tunnel Structures Considering Soil-Structure Interaction

지반-구조물 상호작용을 고려한 터널 구조물의 동적 해석

  • Kim, Hyon-Jung (Division of Environmental, Civil and Transportation Engineering, Ajou University) ;
  • Park, Jang-Ho (Division of Environmental, Civil and Transportation Engineering, Ajou University) ;
  • Shin, Yung-Seok (Division of Environmental, Civil and Transportation Engineering, Ajou University)
  • 김현중 (아주대학교 환경건설교통공학부) ;
  • 박장호 (아주대학교 환경건설교통공학부) ;
  • 신영석 (아주대학교 환경건설교통공학부)
  • Published : 2005.03.01


When a underground structure is constructed at the site composed of soft soil, the behavior of a underground structure Is much affected by the motion of soft soil. Therefore, the effect of soil-structure interaction is an important consideration in the design of a underground structure such as tunnel at the site composed of soft soil. This paper presents the results of the study on dynamic response of tunnel structures and soil-structure interaction effects. The computer program SASSI was used in seismic analysis of tunnel structures because it is more capable of analyzing dynamic response or structures considering soil-structure interaction. As regards the results, the flexibility of surrounding soil affects dynamic response characteristics of tunnel structures and response of tunnel structures can be amplified.


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