Verification of biological nitrogen removal model in anoxic-oxic process

무산소-산소 공정에서 생물학적 질소 제거 모델의 검증

  • Published : 2005.12.01


Anoxic-oxic process were analyzed numerically for the each unit and final TN effluent by Water Quality Management(WQM) model and the results were compared data from these sewage or wastewater treatment plants. No bugs and logic error were occurred during simulation work. All of the simulation results tried to two times were obtained and both results were almost same thus this model has good reappearance. A few of simulation results were deviated with measured data because lack of influent water qualities are reported however simulation results have wholly good relationship with measured data. Also each unit of simulation result was kept good relationship with that of measured data therefore this WQM model has good reliance. Finally, WQM model predicts final TN effluent within ${\pm}4.1\;mg/{\ell}$


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