Experimental Study on Physical Control of Nematodes Using The Ionizing Radiation

방사선 처리에 의한 선충 방제 효과

  • Published : 2005.12.01


Gamma-ray treatment was used to exterminate nematodes, which were harmful to agriculture When gamma-ray at the dose range of $5\~75$ kGy was irradaidated, nematodes were reduced by $40\~50\%$ When irradiated over 30 kGy, almost nematodes were non-mobile and fluorochromatic reactions showed that $60\;\~80\%$ of nematodes with non-mobility died after irradiation. The results of electron spin resonance spectroscopy suggested that radicals generated by radiolysis could damage to nematodes.


Electron spin resonance spectroscopy;Nematode;Radiation;Radical


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