Software Cost Estimation Considering Acquisition Process

획득 프로세스를 고려한 소프트웨어 비용 산정방안

  • Published : 2005.12.01


Recently, Korean software industry has enjoyed fast growth, thus phenomenon drew attention to the need for more precise and standardized cost estimation system for software development. However, many obstacles exist in achieving a more precise and universally applicable cost measurement. These obstacles include : (1) the intangible nature of intellectual efforts, (2) lack of cost standards, (3) lack of quantitative yardstick to determine the potential complication, (4) lack of both cost monitoring during development and coordinating between acquisition process and cost estimation. The purpose of this study is to facilitate software development cost estimation considering acquisition process that will meet korean user's needs, and to create better models that will be cost for software development particularly for Korean environment.


Acquisition Process;Cost Estimation;Software Development Cost