A Study on Software Product-Line Architecture Design Process

소프트웨어 제품계열 아키텍처 설계 프로세스

  • 오영배 (수원여대 컴퓨터응용학부)
  • Published : 2005.11.30


S/W product line is a S/W product or a set of S/W system, which has common functions. We can develop a specific S/W product, which satisfiesrequirements of a particular market segment and a mission in a specific domain by reusing the core asset such as the developed S/W architecture through the S/W product line. S/W development methodology based on the S/W product line can develop a S/W more easily and fast by reusing the developed S/W core asset. An advanced country of S/W technology selects S/W product line as a core field of S/W production technology, and support technology development. In case of USA, CMU/SEI (Carnegie Mellon University / Software Engineering Institute) developed product-line framework 4.0 together with the industry and the Ministry of National Defense. Europe is supporting the development of product line technology through ITEA(IT for European Advancement) program. In this paper, we aim to construct reference architecture of S/W product line for production of the S/W product line.