The Mediational Role of Korean Mothers' Parenting Self-Efficacy : The Causal Relations Model of Parenting Behaviors

양육효능감의 매개 역할 : 양육행동의 인과관계 모형

  • Choe, Hyung Sung (Department of Child Care and Computer Education,Hyechon College)
  • 최형성 (혜천대학 아동컴퓨터보육과)
  • Received : 2005.08.31
  • Accepted : 2005.10.31
  • Published : 2005.12.31


This study investigated causal relations between mother's parenting, self-efficacy, perceived social support, stress, and parenting behaviors, Child's temperament, and the mediational role of mother's parenting self-efficacy. Participants were 404 Korean children and their mothers living in Seoul, Korea. Results showed that mother's parenting self-efficacy was positively related to mother's Warmth-Acceptance, social support, and child's temperament. On the other hand, mother's parenting self-efficacy was negatively related to. mother's Rejection-Restriction, mother's Permissiveness-Nonintervention, and mother's stress. Structural equation modeling indicated that mother's parenting self-efficacy was a significant mediator of the relation between mother's perceived social support and stress, child's temperament, and mother's parenting behaviors including Warmth-Acceptance, Rejection-Restriction and Permissiveness-Nonintervention Child's temperament had an indirect effect on mother's Rejection-Restriction and Permissiveness Nonintervention.


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  5. 어머니의 사회적 지원 및 스트레스와 아동의 기질이 어머니의 양육효능감에 미치는 영향 최형성
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