A Study on An Integrated GEO/TES with Geothermal Heat Exchanger and Thermal Ice Storage

지중열 교환기와 빙축열조(Thermal Ice Storage)를 연계시킨 통합 지중열-빙축열조 시스템(Integrated GEO/TES)

  • Published : 2005.12.01


Peak cooling load of large buildings is generally greater than their peak heating load. Internal and solar heat gains are used fur selection of adquate equipment in large building in cold winter climate like Canada and even Korea. The cost of geothermal heat exchanger to meet the cooling loads can increase the initial cost of ground source heat pump system to the extend less costly conventional system often chosen. Thermal ice storage system has been used for many years in Korea to reduce chiller capacity and shift Peak electrical time and demand. A distribution system designed to take advantage of heat extracted from the ice, and use of geothermal loop (geothermal heat exchanger) to heat as an alternate heat source and sink is well known to provide many benifits. The use of thermal energy storage (TES) reduces the heat pump capacity and peak cooling load needed in large building by as much as 40 to $60\%$ with less mechanical equipment and less space for mechanical room. Additionally TES can reduce the size and cost of the geothermal loop by 1/3 to 1/4 compared to ground coupled heat pump system that is designed to meet the peak heating and cooling load and also can eliminate difficuties of geothermal loop installation such as space requirements and thermal conditions of soil and rock at the urban area.


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