Selective Adsorption Properties of Carbonyl Compounds in Cigarette Mainstream Smoke by Hydrazine Impregnated Adsorbent

Hydrazine 첨착 흡착제에 의한 담배 주류연 중 카보닐 화합물의 선택 흡착 특성

  • Published : 2005.12.01


To use the filter materials for selective removal of carbonyl compounds in cigarette mainstream smoke, hydrazine such as 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine and dansylhydraznie impregnated adsorbents were prepared with perchloric acid or phosphoric acid as a accelerator in hydrazone formation reaction. The change of morphology of adsorbents in various of impregnator were investigated by SEM. Impregnation amount caused by reaction time, acid type and impregnation reagent, and the adsorption properties of carbonyl compounds in cigarette mainstream smoke were investigated. Amounts of impregnation was increased as increasing reaction time. The removal amount for vapor phase carbonyl compounds by 2,4-DNPH impregnated adsorbent was higher than that of dansylhydrazine impregnated adsorbent. The selectivity of 2,4-DNPH impregnated polyacrylic type adsorbent was superior to those of other adsorbents. This results indicated that the 2,4-DNPH impregnated polyacrylic adsorbent was applicable to cigarette filter material because of its fast reactivity and porosity.


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