High Frequency Scattering from Cylindrical Scatterer

원통형 산란체의 고주파 산란 특성

  • 김기택 (한양대학교 해양환경과학과 해양음향연구실) ;
  • 윤관섭 (한양대학교 해양환경과학과 해양음향연구실) ;
  • 라형술 (한양대학교 해양환경과학과 해양음향연구실) ;
  • 나정열 (한양대학교 해양환경과학과 해양음향연구실)
  • Published : 2005.11.01


This paper presents the changes of acoustic scattering pattern from a single cylinder and two identical cylinders in both theoretical calculations and experimental measurements. Bi-static scattering pattern by single cylinder and two parallel cylinders (length 2m, radius 30mm) was measured in $5m\times5m\times5m$ water tank using high frequency projector (120 kHz) and hydrophone. The results show similar agreement between experiment and theory. In case of single cylinder scattering. omni-directional pattern was observed in backward but there are fluctuations or target strength in forward. Interference between each cylinder's scattering fields produce fluctuations of target strength in all directions of two cylinders.


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