Signal qualification method for high density disk

고밀도 디스크를 위한 신호 품질 평가 방법

  • 박현수 (삼성전자 DM연구소 미디어 솔루션 팀)
  • Published : 2005.09.01


In order to measure signal quality of optical disc such as CD or DVD, jitter is used traditionally. The signal attained from a disc by optical pick-up is processed by analog circuits. And then, binary signal can be obtained by using proper silcer. After the signal is changed into binary format, jitter is calculated as a time difference between the binary signal and the reference time. Jitter is used to express the signal quality. In this paper, a new method that is able to offer more precise measurement of the signal quality fur high density optical disc than the jitter is proposed. We named it LPSNR (Level Peak Signal to Noise Ratio). The relationship between bER (bit error rate) and LPSNR is shown in the paper.