Analysis of Lake Water Temperature and Seasonal Stratification in the Han River System from Time-Series of Landsat Images

Landsat 시계열 영상을 이용한 한강 수계 호수 수온과 계절적 성충 현상 분석

  • Published : 2005.08.01


We have analyzed surface water temperature and seasonal stratification of lakes in the Han river system using time-series Landsat images and in situ measurement data. Using NASA equation, at-satellite temperature is derived from 29 Landsat-5 TM and Landsat-7 ETM+ images obtained from 1994 to 2004, and was compared with in situ surface temperature on river-type dam lakes such as Paro, Chuncheon, Euiam, Chongpyong, Paldang, and with 10m-depth temperature on lake-type dam lake Soyang. Although the in situ temperature at the time of satellite data acquisition was interpolated from monthly measurements, the number of images with standard deviation of temperature difference (at-satellite temperature - in situ interpolated temperature) less than $2^{\circ}C$ was 24 on which a novel statistical atmospheric correction could be applied. The correlation coefficient at Lake Soyang was 0.915 (0.950 after correction) and 0.951-0.980 (0.979-0.997 after correction) at other lakes. This high correlation implies that there exist a mixed layer in the shallow river-like dam lakes due to physical mixing from continuous influx and efflux, and the daily and hourly temperature change is not fluctuating. At Lake Soyang, an anomalous temperature difference was observed from April to July where at-satellite temperature is $3-5^{\circ}C$ higher than in situ interpolated temperature. Located in the uppermost part of the Han river system and its influx is governed only by natural precipitation, Lake Soyang develops stratification during this time with rising sun elevation and no physical mixture from influx in this relatively dry season of the year.


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