A Study on the Longitudinal Flight Control Law of T-50

T-50 세로축 비행제어법칙 설계에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2005.11.01


An advanced method of Relaxed Static Stability (RSS) is utilized for improving the aerodynamic performance of modem version supersonic jet fighter aircraft. The flight control system utilizes RSS criteria in both longitudinal and lateral-directional axes to achieve performance enhancements and improve stability. The T-50 advanced trainer employs the RSS concept in order to improve the aerodynamic performance and the flight control law in order to guarantee aircraft stability, The T-50 longitudinal control laws employ the dynamic inversion and proportional-plus-integral control method. This paper details the design process of developing longitudinal control laws for the RSS aircraft, utilizing the requirement of MIL-F-8785C. In addition, This paper addresses the analysis of aircraft characteristics such as damping, natural frequency, gain and phase margin about state variables for longitudinal inner loop feedback design.


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