LMI Parameterization of Lineny Sliding Surfaces for Mismatched Uncertain Systems

정합조건을 만족시키지 않는 불확실한 시스템을 위한 선형 슬라이딩 평면의 LMI 매개변수화

  • Published : 2005.11.01


In this paper, we consider the problem of designing sliding surfaces fur a class of dynamic systems with mismatched uncertainties in the state space model. In terms of LMIs, we give necessary and sufficient conditions fir the existence of a linear sliding surface such that the reduced order sliding mode dynamics is asymptotically stable and completely independent of uncertainties. We parameterize all such linear sliding surfaces by using the solution to the given LMI conditions. And, we consider the problem of designing linear sliding surfaces guaranteeing pole placement constraints or $H_2/H_infty$ performances. Finally, we give a design example in order to show the effectiveness of our method.


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