• ARSLAN, KADRI (Uludag University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Mathematics) ;
  • EZENTAS, RIDVAN (Uludag University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Mathematics) ;
  • MIHAl, ION (Faculty of Mathematics University of Bucharest) ;
  • MURATHAN, CENGIZHAN (Uludag University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Mathematics)
  • Published : 2005.09.01


Recently, Chen studied warped products which are CR-submanifolds in Kaehler manifolds and established general sharp inequalities for CR-warped products in Kaehler manifolds. In the present paper, we obtain sharp estimates for the squared norm of the second fundamental form (an extrinsic invariant) in terms of the warping function for contact CR-warped products isometrically immersed in Kenmotsu space forms. The equality case is considered. Some applications are derived.


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