Germanium Contents of Soil and Crops in Gyeongnam Province

경남지역의 토양 및 농작물중 게르마늄 함량

  • Published : 2005.03.31


To investigate the germanium content in paddy soil in Gyeongnam province, 310 paddy soil samples were collected at 19 areas in Gyeongnam, Ulsan and Busan. Contents of germanium in paddy soils were analyzed in different topographies, soil types and soil textures. Average content of germanium in Gyeongnam was 0.24 mr/kg, those of Masan, Jinju and Hadong were above 0.30 mg/kg. Germanium content with different topographies were no difference. Germanium contents in different soil types were 0.27 mg/kg in well adapted soil and 0.23 mg/kg in poorly drained soil. Germanium contents in different soil textures were 0.27 mg/kg in silt loam and 0.23 mg/kg in sandy loam. To determine germanium content on agricultural product in the field, content of germanium in cereals, vegetables and fruits were analyzed. Germanium content of agricultural product was high in the order of cereals>vegetables>fruits. In case of vegetables, germanium contents were high in the order of leaf vegetables>root vegetables>fruit vegetables. Germanium contents were high with 62 and $65{\mu}g/kg$ in lettuce and young radish, respectively. To analyze the germanium content in medicinal plant, samples were collected from 19 medicinal plants at Hamyang areas. Germanium contents in Angelica keiskei, Ligusticum chuanxiong, Panax ginseng and Atractylodes macrocephala were relatively high with $100{\mu}g/kg$ above.


germanium;soil;crop;medicinal plant


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