Development of Twin-Objective Actuator with Radial Tilt Function for Blu-Ray Disc Recorder

BD Recorder용 3축 독립구동 Twin-Objective 액추에이터 개발

  • 김석중 (삼성전자 DVS 사업부 개발 1그룹) ;
  • 허태연 (삼성전자 DM 연구소 Media Solution Team) ;
  • 김태경 (삼성전자 DVS 사업부 개발 1그룹) ;
  • 안영만 (삼성전자 DM 연구소 Media Solution Team) ;
  • 정종삼 (삼성전자 DVS 사업부 개발 1그룹) ;
  • 박수한 (삼성전자 DM 연구소 Media Solution Team)
  • Published : 2005.12.01


Recently, an optical disc system has been proposed using blue laser diode, high NA objective lens and groove only disc structure. A new method is needed to readout CD and DVD in this Blu-Ray Disc Recorder. In order to readout CD and DVD in Blu-Ray Disc Recorder, we adopted dual-lenses actuator in consideration of optical utilization efficiency, optical performance and insurance of sufficient W.D(working distance). This dual-lenses actuator has two objectives in radial direction, one is for CD/DVD and the other is for BD. We had to solve the induced problems of collision between disc and lens, DC tilt increase, AC tilt increase, 2nd resonance deterioration and AC sensitivity drop caused by disposing two lenses in an actuator. Also we developed high response twin- objective actuator with radial tilt function to apply high-speed BD Recorder or BD Player. Consequently we presented that two kinds of dual-lenses actuators for BD Recorder have been possessed good performance in 3 axis directions. And we measured eye patterns of CD, DVD and BD by using one BD optical pick-up with dual-lenses actuator.