The Finite Element Analysis and the Optimum Geometric Design of Linear Motor

  • Lee Tae-Won (School of Mechanical Engineering, Kumoh National Institute of Technology)
  • Published : 2005.10.01


Linear motor has been considered to be the most suitable electric machine for linear control with high speed and high precision. Thrust of linear motor is one of the important factors to specify motor performance. Maximum thrust can be obtained by increasing the magnitude of current in conductor and is relative to the sizes of conductor and magnet. However, the magnitude of current and the size of conductor have an effect on temperature of linear motor. Therefore, it is practically important to find optimum design that can effectively maximize thrust of linear motor within limited range of temperature. Finite element analysis was applied to calculate thrust and numerical solutions were compared with experiments. The temperature of the conductor was calculated from the experimentally determined thermal resistance. The ADPL of ANSYS was used for the optimum design process, which is commercial finite element analysis software. Design variables and constraints were chosen based on manufacturing feasibility and existing products. As a result, it is shown that temperature of linear motor plays an important role in determining optimum design.


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