A Study on the Direction of Subject-Division Plan and the Change of Composition Factors in University Libraries

대학도서관 주제화의 방향과 구성요소 변화에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2005.09.01


This study aims to find the direction of subject-divisional plan and the change of composition factors in university Library. To confront new information environment, change of service providing environment, academic characteristics of universities. and users' information needs, the collection and service of university libraries are needed to be restructured based on subject-divisional plan. To adopt subject divisional plan effectively. it is necessary to recognize necessity and reasonability of subject - divisional plan by analyzing a change of physical, intellectual, human, and user factors in the libraries from the aspect of subject-divisional plan. That is, the collection and service of university libraries should be reorganized according to the subjects along with such changes as below. First, people came to consider convenience of space and path of building inside more than past. Second, collection becomes constructed and materials are located based on effectiveness rather than logicality. Third, subject oriented service of library became active through developing the subject abilities of librarians. Fourth, users have tendency to visit libraries lot a special subject matter.


University Library;Subject-Divisional Plan;Subject Library;Subject Specialization;Composition Factor


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