A Study on the Construction of the Automatic Extracts and Summaries - On the Basis of Scientific Journal Articles -

자동 발췌문/요약 시스템 구축에 관한 연구 - 학술지 논문기사를 중심으로 -

  • 이태영 (전북대학교 인문대학 문헌정보학과)
  • Published : 2005.09.01


Various corpus-based approaches, rhetorical roles of discourse structure, and unifications of similar sentences were applied to construct the automatic Ext/Sums(extracts and summaries). Rhetorical roles of sentences like objective, method, background, result, conclusion, etc. for making elastic Ext/Sums were established and extraction engines according to respective role were prepared. The $90\%$ of Success rate in extracting the important sentences of sample articles was accomplished. Rearranging the selected sentences, it used unification of similar sentences using the cosine coefficient equation, deletion of unnecessary modification and insertion clauses, junction of short sentences, and connection of sentences able to link. They suggest the methods applying rhetorical roles of sentences, meaning and signature of noun and verb in clauses, and cue words and location will be researched to construct the more effective Ext/Sums.


Automatic Summaries;Extraction Methods;Location;Rhetorical Roles;Web


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