A Study of Thermal Performance for Lever Type CO Micro Gas Sensor

레버형 CO 마이크로 가스센서의 열적성능에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2005.08.01


A lever type CO micro gas sensor was fabricated by MEMS technology. In order to heat up the gas sensing material, $SnO_2$, to a target temperature, a micro heater was built on the gas sensor. The heater and electrodes were hanged on the air as a bridge type to minimize the heat loss to the silicon base. The sensing material laid on the heater and electrodes and did not contact with the silicons base. The temperature distribution of micro gas sensor was analyzed by a CFD program, FLUENT. The results showed that the temperature of silicon wafer base was almost similar to that of the room temperature, which indicates that the heat generated at the micro heater heated up effectively the sensing material. The required electric current of micro heater to heat up the sensing material to the target temperature could be predicted


gas sensor;heat transfer;MEMS;CO;numerical analysis