Microwave Properties of Ag Conducting Paste with Various Preparation Conditions

Ag가 함유된 전도성 도료의 제조 조건에 따른 고주파 특성

  • Published : 2005.09.01


Dual band internal antennas were fabricated with Ag conducting paste of various preparation conditions and different print thickness by silk screen print. We have investigated microwave properties were compared Ag conducting paste antenna with copperplate antenna at 800 MHz and 1,800 MHz. Gain of Ag conducting paste antenna was improved when preparation conditions were the single size Ag particle, using dry type resin and high Ag containing percent. However, it was lower than that of copperplate antenna within $0.1\~2.0dBi$ at 800MHz. In addition, it was improved at 800MHz when thickness of Ag conducting paste was printed more than skin depth but it was held after critical print thickness. On the other hand, it was reached level of copperplate antenna at 1,800MHz.


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