A Study on Oxidizer Effects in Tungsten CMP

텅스텐 CMP에서 산화제 영향에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2005.09.01


Chemical mechanical polishing(CMP) has become the process of choice for modem semiconductor devices to achieve both local and global planarization. CMP is a complex process which depends on numerous variables such as macro, micro and nano-geometry of pad, relative velocity between pad and wafer stiffness and dampening characteristics of pad, slurry, pH, chemical components of slurry, abrasive concentration, abrasive size, abrasive shape, etc. Especially, an oxidizer of chemical components is very important remove a target material in metal CMP process. This paper introduces the effect of oxidizer such as $H_2O_2,\;Fe(NO_3)_3\;and\;KIO_3$ in slurry for tungsten which is used in via or/and plug. Finally the duplex reacting mechanism of $oxidizer(H_2O_2)$ through adding the $catalyst(Fe(NO_3)_3)$ could acquire the sufficient removal rate in tungsten CMP.


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