Prediction of Propulsive Performance of VLCC at Heeled and Trimmed Conditions

대형유조선의 경사상태011서의 저항추진 성능추정

  • Yang, Ji-Man (Dept. of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, SNU) ;
  • Kim, Hyo-Chul (Dept. of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, SNU)
  • 양지만 (서울대학교 조선해양공학과 대학원) ;
  • 김효철 (서울대학교 조선해양공학과 해양시스템공학연구소)
  • Published : 2005.08.01


In recent years, many environmentally disastrous oil spill accidents from damaged vessels become worse especially when the early treatment is not prompt enough. To properly handle this type of accidents and prevent further disasters, international organizations establish and impose various rules and regulations. In assessing the damages and providing salvage operations, the propulsive performance of damaged vessels is of great importance, as well as for containing oil spill while the vessels are being towed or self-propelled. Until now, many naval hydrodynamics researches have focused on the propulsive performance in normal operating conditions and only a few studies for damaged vessels are found in literature. In this paper experimental method is used to study the Propulsive performance of a very large crude-oil carrier (VLCC) in .heeled and/or trimmed conditions.


VLCC;Heeled and trimmed condition;Propulsive performances;Wake field measurement


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