A Bibliographical Study of Traditional Fruit Preserve

문헌고찰을 통한 한국 전통과편(傳統果片)의 연구

  • Published : 2005.06.30


This study was designed to establish Korean food culture by considering traditional fruit preserve. A historical approach of traditional fruit preserve were reviewed by the cooking book published from 1670 to 1988 in Korea. The results obtained from this study are as follows. Cooking method of fruit preserve was firstly published to Omshikdimibang in 1670 and published moderate cooking book in 1988 but fruit preserve has not been cooked yet. Cooking method of fruit juice and starch had been started in Samkuk dynasty and was completed in Lee Dynasty. Compared with the western fruit jelly, mung bean starch was used as a gel forming material in Korean traditional fruit preserve while gelatin was used as a gelling agent in western fruit jelly. Western fruit jelly was succeed in innovation, but traditional fruit jelly was failed to innovation.


Korean food culture;Omshikdimibamg;traditional fruit preserve;mung bean starch


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