A Study on the Satisfaction for the Menu Quality of Korean Traditional Food of Japanese Tourists

방한 일본 관광객의 한국전통음식 메뉴품질 만족도에 관한 연구

  • Lee, Yeon-Jung (School of Tourism studies, Gyeongju University) ;
  • Seo, Yun-Jung (School of Tourism studies, Gyeongju University) ;
  • Joo, Hyun-Sik (School of Tourism studies, Gyeongju University) ;
  • Choi, Su-Keun (Food Processing & Food Service Managment, Yeungnam University)
  • Published : 2005.04.30


This study was peformed by questionnaire to investigate satisfaction for the menu qualify of Korean traditional food of Japanese tourists. The subjects of this study consisted of 280 Japanese tourists using the Gyeongju and Busan hotel. The results were summarized as follows: 63.9% of the subjects responded that frequency of visiting was 1-2 times a year and 42.1% responded that motivation of visiting was for tour and understanding of korea. Companion with friend scored high as 40.4%, and intention of revisiting was high on 'normal'. On overall satisfaction on korean traditional foods, 'satisfy' scored high as 43.2%. 61.1% of the subjects responded that the taste was the most important factor of food. On frequency of eating, 'over 8 times' scored high as 27.9%, and on motivation of eating, 'with visiting Korea' scored high as 48.2%. On satisfaction for the menu quality of korean traditional food, the highest item was 'taste(3.82 point)' and 'nutrition(3.82 point)', and but 'Japanese mark on menu(2.47 point)', 'Japanese mark on ingredient(2.61 point)' scored low. Overall satisfaction for korean traditional food had an effect on intention of revisiting, and therefore, improving the quality of the traditional food and the strategy for the classification of desires are earnestly requested.


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