A Survey on Uses, Preference and Recognition of Apple

사과의 이용실태, 기호도 및 인식에 대한 조사연구

  • Choi, Young-Hee (Faculty of Hotel Cuisine, Daegu Polytechnic College) ;
  • Lee, Su-Jin (Faculty of Hotel Cuisine, Daegu Polytechnic College)
  • 최영희 (대구산업정보대학 호텔조리계열) ;
  • 이수진 (대구산업정보대학 호텔조리계열)
  • Published : 2005.04.30


This study was focused on the analysis of questionnaire that surveyed the uses, preference and recognition on apple. The subjects of this study consisted of 452 female(married 238, unmarried 214) in Daegu area. Among those respondents, 49.1% answered that they ate apple after dinner. Respondents preferred as purchase place fruits store(34.5%), traditional market(22.6%), and big discount store(21.7%), in order. Taste(46.0%) was the most important as purchase criterion. 49.1% of respondents preferred small amount below 2-3kg every one purchase. In preference survey on apples, 80.5% of total subjects responded 'like' or 'very like', and 73.6% of those subjects who favorably responded liked the 'taste' of apples. The preference survey study on apple foods revealed that respondents preferred the most apple juice(M=3.47), fellowed by apple jam(M=3.35) and apple vinegar(M=3.21). On the other hand, apple bab(M=2.29) and apple jook(M=2.23) had the most low preference score. The recognition survey study on apple revealed that respondents knew relatively well the followings: apple is natural food(M=4.25), apple is good for body and apple is good for beauty(M=4.20). Respondents required apple to be fresher(41.0%) and taster(37.4%). 89.4% of respondents expected that consumption of apples would be increased or maintain at the present level.


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