A Survey on the Perception of Housewives in Seoul Area toward Korean Traditional Holiday Foods

서울지역 주부들의 세시음식에 대한 인지도 조사

  • Published : 2005.04.30


This study was to investigate the perception of Korean traditional festival/holiday foods among the housewives in their 20's, 30's, 40's, and 50's residing in Seoul. Out of 350 questionnaires, 282 respondents were results The results were summarized as fellows: The most familial traditional holiday was Seollal on the New Year's Day(100%), and the most favored foods for respective traditional holidays are as fellows: tteokguk, rice paste soup, (98.23%) for Seollal on the New Year's Day; ogokbap, cooked rice mixed with five cereals (98.23%) for Daeboreum on the New Moon's Day of January 15; neuttitteok, zelkova ricecake, (20.64%) for Chopail on Buddha's Birthday; charyunbyeong cake (20.21%) for Dano on May 5; gyesamttang, chicken broth with ginseng, (89.72%) for Sambok, the hottest period of summer; songpyeon, pine cake, (96.45%) for Chuseok on August Moon Festival; patjuk, redbean stew, (98.94%) for Dongji on the winter solstice; and mandu, bun, (16.37%) for Seotdalgeumeum on the year-end day. Most of the respondents said that they ate traditional festival foods in compliance with the traditional manners and customs and that they made such traditional foods at home. They added that they wanted to team more about various recipes of the traditional foods and pointed out that traditional holiday foods had to be modernized in some way.


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