A Comparative Analysis of Poverty Regimes

빈곤 레짐에 관한 비교연구 - 유럽연합 회원국과 한국을 중심으로 -

  • Published : 2005.02.28


This paper purports to evaluate the public assistance programme of Korea in comparison with those of member states of the European Union, using the concept of poverty regime as a heuristic device. For this purpose, chapter two discusses notions of welfare-state regime (Esping-Andersen, 1990) and poverty regime(Sainsbury and Morissen, 2002). Chapter three examines poverty and income distribution in Korea and the member states of the EU, and chapter four compares and analyses the public assistance programme of those countries, using hierarchical cluster analysis. It claims that the 'welfare paradox' of $L{\empty}delmel$ (1997) is not based on evidence, and duly concludes that the overall level of welfare effort such as welfare expenditure is a main determinant for the development of public assistance programmes.


welfare state regime;poverty regime;public assistance